If you live in Cleveland, you know how harsh the weather can be on your car. Snow, salt, rain, and sun can all take a toll on your wheels, making them look dull, rusty, or damaged. That’s why you need a reliable and durable coating that ensures your wheels are protected and, as a bonus, enhances their appearance. Look amazing and impress people on the road despite the harsh weather and road conditions with powder coating on your wheels.

Powder coating is a process that involves applying a dry powder to the surface of your wheels and then curing it with heat to form a hard, smooth, and protective layer. This high-quality coating can give your wheels a new look and protect them from corrosion, chipping, scratching, and fading.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a type of coating that uses a dry powder instead of a liquid paint. To manufacture the powder, polymer resin, pigments, curing agents, and other additives are utilized to attain the desired color, finish, and other properties.

The powder is sprayed to the surface of the wheels using a spray gun system that charges the powder particles with electricity. The electrically charged powder particles adhere to the metal surface of the wheels, keeping it covered in a thin and even layer. Then, workers place the wheels in an oven, where the powder melts and fuses with the metal, bonding it strongly. The coating cures as it cools down, resulting in a hard, smooth, and glossy finish.

Powder coating can be applied to various types of metals, such as steel, aluminum, iron, brass, and copper. It can also create different finishes, such as glossy, matte, metallic, textured, or clear. Customization options allow the coating to match any color combination or design, making it ideal for personalizing your wheels to look fabulous on Cleveland roads.

Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coating has many advantages over traditional painting, for example:

  • Increased Durability: Powder coating offers more resistance to impact, abrasion, chemicals, and weather than paint. It can withstand harsh road conditions, such as salt, gravel, and debris that hit your wheel while on the road, without chipping, flaking, or peeling. The coating also protects the metal from rust and corrosion, extending the lifespan of your wheels.
  • Enhanced Appearance: Powder coating can provide a wide range of colors, finishes, and effects for your wheels, such as metallic, matte, gloss, textured, or custom. It can help elevate the quality of your car above others and show off your personality and style. You can choose a color that matches your vehicle or a contrast that gives your wheels more prominence. The coating can also cover imperfections or defects on your wheels, giving them a smooth and uniform look.
  • Easy maintenance: Powder coating is easy to clean and maintain, as it does not require polishing or waxing. You can simply wash your wheels with soap and water or use a mild cleaner when needed. The coating also repels dirt and dust, keeping your wheels shiny and clean. You will save time and money with stress-free vehicle maintenance.
  • Environmentally friendly: Powder coating is free from solvents or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can harm the environment and your health. Powder coating also produces less waste than paint, as any excess powder can be recycled and reused. The coating also reduces the energy consumption and emissions of the coating process, as it requires lower temperatures and shorter curing times than paint.
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