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We’re also doing some great work with the City of Cleveland with ceramic because I think that there’s a big, vast gap of information there. People don’t know the limits and expectations which can be done with ceramic, so Cleveland’s been building. Everything from the sports teams to the locals have been booming, so pride in our city has been super high. The City of Cleveland has been building these giant script signs. We have these huge signs that say “Cleveland” and they’re all over like nice, scenic parts of the lake for photo opportunities, and so we’re going to be coating those. We’re going to be coating them in Ceramic Pro Strong and show them the anti-graffiti properties. These signs will always stay clean, which is important because they’re a big spectacle in Cleveland here. Everybody’s taking pictures with them and really been a stable point of the recovery that’s going on in Cleveland, and that’s where we’ve been on the forefront of the recovery and wanting to help any way we can and growing with Cleveland because we’ve been invested. No one’s going to be able to Sharpie on them. If they do spray paint on them, we’ll be able to clean them off. Even the stone and all the concrete work they’re doing, fancy statues and things will be good opportunities for coating, and we’ll be able to pioneer some new industrial applications of Ceramic Pro. Learn more about us!



It’s all you’ve been seeing, you know, on Instagram and social media, is people going up to these because they are cool and then they have a big nice scenery behind them and people stand by them and take their pictures and things, so they’re always getting touched. People are always on them, you know, and it’s going to be a great way for Cleveland to see how well this ceramic works and how the investment will be totally worth it because it’s going to keep the UV damage off.

  • Stainless Steel Appliances
  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Billboards and Signs
  • Art Statues
  • Industrial Mowers


We’ve coated a lot of mowers for our local mower company here, some Scags. We’ve coated a couple big, $10,000 mowers, and it keeps them beautiful because everything that you buy is all condition and value, and you definitely don’t want to be replacing $10,000 mowers every five years. Value is all perceived on condition of that item, so the better it looks, the more it’s going to be worth and whether that’s vehicles or that’s a motorcycle or if that’s a mower, it’s still true. You’re paying an investment up front, but when you go to sell that or trade that vehicle in or that equipment, you’re going to get your money back and you’re going to be able to enjoy that equipment. While you own it, you’re going to have all the self-cleaning effects, saving you time, and when you sell it, it’s going to be in better condition, so it’s really a win-win. It’s an investment and you’re paying for it now, but you’re going to be able to enjoy it and it’s going to be worth that much more in the end. Contact us today!

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If you want something that’s going to last, on stainless steel appliances eliminates the finger printing by about 80% and it makes them clean a lot easier. A lot of times, you clean stainless and you’re just moving the grease or the dirt off of the thing and you keep feeling like you’re chasing it, so I have all my appliances coated. Even my sink is coated. Even with dried-on or sticky things like cereal that’s been left too long, you don’t have to scrape and grind at your sink to get it off of the surface. With a Ceramic Pro coated sink, you just don’t have to worry about that. Even if food is left for two or three days, it rinses right off. It’s not going to stick. It’s not going to stain, your appliances are easier to clean, and the overall life and value of the appliance is extended, so it’s really opening your horizon on ceramic coatings.

It’s the same thing with industrial and outdoor applications. We’ve coated stone statues. We’ve coated grills on decks and patios. If you don’t cover something all the time and it stays outside, Ceramic Pro coatings will prevent the rust and corrosion.


For signs, statues, billboards, and so on, Ceramic Pro Strong can provide UV protection, helping to slow fading over time.


No matter the material you’ve coated, the Ceramic Pro Strong makes it easy to clean up damage from vandalism. It saves time and money, and means that there won’t be permanent damage from spray paint, felt pens, etc.


Stainless steel usually requires specialty cleaners, and even then it can be a pain to get all the fingerprints off of an appliance. With coated appliances, the ease of clean up saves you time and keeps your appliances looking new for longer.


Outdoor grills are constantly exposed to the elements, meaning that they oxidize quickly. Extend the life of your grill and your ability to enjoy your outdoor kitchen for longer.


Industrial mowers are $10,000 pieces of equipment — meaning you don’t want to have to replace them often. As we all know, mowing lawns is damp work, and blades of mowers can degrade or oxidize over time. Ceramic coatings keep them working at their best.


Snowplows are exposed not just to ice and hard scraping, but also to road salts and de-icers. There really isn’t a worse combination to cause environmental damage. Applying Ceramic Pro Strong gives you extra protection from environmental damage, oxidization, UV damage, de-icers, and road salts.


There’s a much longer window for the re-sale of specialized industrial vehicles like mowers. When you coat a heavy piece of equipment that’s constantly exposed to the elements, you’re investing the life of the vehicle — and you can get more in resale value when you’re ready to sell or upgrade.


Ceramic Pro was originally developed and marketed to detailing shops because they know how much we love our vehicles. With a range of products from Ceramic Pro Marine to Ceramic Pro Strong, the possibilities are what you make them. Contact us today if you have a custom job.

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