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I’ve always been the nut my whole life about keeping my stuff clean. I grew up racing motocross. I was sponsored by Michelin and DG. I raced four-wheelers and my stuff was always immaculate. I used to get teased when I was young because right after the race, I would be there cleaning my bike back up. I would pull up to the track and I would be the cleanest shiniest one, always waxing it. I rode some BMX too and when I was in sixth or seventh grade, I had a Dave Mirra Signature Haro that’s hanging in my shop now as a testimony. Everybody would tease me about my BMX bike because I would keep it clean and wax and polish it. I always did that. It was just grown in me, I guess. My dad was the same way. You could never go on a road trip without washing the truck and trailer or the rig. We’d never leave out of town without being clean. At Ceramic Pro Cleveland, you can achieve the best car detailing that you can always look back on!

I like to tell people about one of the first big breaks I got was doing the manager’s car from one of these big local companies we have. He was about a $25 million a year guy, and we detailed his car. It’s a brand new car, so it’s not like you can do that much to set yourself apart because the car hasn’t had time to get dinged up or have a lot of wear and tear, but a lot of people still like to have their cars done. In the process of car detailing Cleveland on his car, we got in the trunk and we saw his golf shoes in there they’re covered in mud, so we detailed his golf shoes. We took the mud off, and that little thing just blew him away. Because of that, he referred me to the Cav’s organization, to big players downtown. It’s the really small details like that that is the difference between being a good detailer — a really good detailer — and the best detailer in town. That type of caring and giving it 100% and focusing, opens doors. We’re at the point where opportunities come by and now we can pick and choose and be able to see what’s best for us and there’s demand, not just for me now but for our brand. It’s felt nice to start young and to have good momentum and be able to just take detailing to the next level. Even now I continually try to learn and grow. That’s why I got hooked on Ceramic Pro Cleveland a couple of years ago. I was doing such quality work and wanted a more permanent solution for people, so it’s worked hand-in-hand really well. For more information, you can Contact Us here.


We’re putting a brand new Ceramic Pro hand wash tailored to coated cars, and anybody else that wants their cars to receive the special attention that hand washing provides, not going through automatic car washes. There’s not a lot of people that do it like we’re going to be doing it here. We use a fully pull-through nice, brand new high-end super clean-looking hand wash where you can come in and parade out and be on your way. For other services like PPF, Window Tinting, and Paint Correction – Ceramic Pro Cleveland has your back!

We redesigned the whole building to accommodate this beautiful ceramic hand wash. This is all uncharted territory up in our climate, so we’ll be the first. We’re not aiming to do a thousand cars a day, but we’re wanting to specialize in the people that want to have their car done nicely. It’s such a shame sometimes to watch these beautiful cars — Porches and 911s, GTRs and R8s — go through automatic car washes. These places will be nice facilities in a nice community. They look great, but they don’t know what it’s doing to their cars. We’re going to be doing as much educating as possible to show people how to protect their cars. Once we explain the kind of damage these other washes can cause, we love to show people how they can protect their cars with ceramic coatings and paint protection film.

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Our lowest standard detail package is an express exterior detail that includes foam gun, cannon, hand wash, and a two bucket system with grit guards. This is a popular option that many people use. We also have a complete express detail which is going to be the same thing as the standard detail on the outside. We then detail the interior of the car, with meticulous care and attention to detail to the interior of the car.


Our full exterior package is going to be everything above plus decontamination, clay bar, full prep and polish, and a nice paint sealant.


Our complete details have all of the above including clay bar, full prep, and a nice polish. The complete detail could be one or up to three stages depending on the vehicle, and then we do the interior as well. The elite detail also includes the engine compartment as well with the exterior, interior, and then we do undercarriage. Everything gets polished out, even the lenses and headlights.

Paint Correction

Paint correction is a necessary part of many of the Mr. Detail services. We can make any vehicle look like new, and have a variety of ways to protect your vehicle after correction.
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