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Cleveland Auto Detail

Mr. Detail is a state-of-the-art shop in one of the best neighborhoods in Cleveland. We’ve invested a lot of time and a lot of money making sure our shop is outfitted with the best tools and the best products. With an all-new retail area, we not only serve Cleveland’s drivers, we also serve the other shops in and around Cleveland. We’re about twenty minutes from downtown Cleveland, right between Solan and Twinsburg. Our clients are some of the top drivers in the area, and we’ve served everyone from leaders in business to professional athletes to Hollywood. Our work can be seen in Fast and the Furious Eight as we restored and coated all of the vehicles in the movie. We’ve been trusted with the best vehicles in the world, and we’re proud to treat every vehicle — no matter what type — as if it were our own. Restoration, paint protection, vinyl wraps, Ceramic Pro ceramic coatings, window tintings, Plastidips, wheel repair, mobile detailing… You name it; we do it. We’re the best shop in Cleveland for a reason, and we’re always looking for the best way to serve our community.

Cleveland Auto Detail | Ceramic Pro | SunTek | Window Tinting

We do ceramic tinting and window tinting. We do wheels, tires, bulk wraps. We can do printed wraps and advertising. We get into good window films with 3M and SunTek, which is a ceramic film. We have non-ceramic options as well. We carry a large selection of wheels, everything from Asanti to Moto Metal to steel forged Fuel Off-Road Wheels, Forgiato dealer, Niche road wheels. We’re able to create a real unique, high-end line and look, no matter what your aesthetic preferences are. We can order and do vinyl wrap, speciality dent removal. We do aluminum body, you know, high-end Ferraris. We can do you your normal work truck. Our dent guy is number two in the world. He just went to Miami, FL. They have big dent competitions, and him and his brother always placed in the top five, so we’re able to confidently say that if you have any bad dents that others said they can’t do, before you take it to a body shop (where they love to repaint cars just to fix a small dent that can be removed very easily), we can get rid of that and maintain an OEM finish, which is always the best. Factory painters are always the best that you’re going to get on there and it’s really hard to match, so we went out of our way to hire a speciality dent guy in my company. We’re really proud to have him and really proud of the work he does.