Elevate Brilliance: Essential Tips for Caring for Your Ceramic Coating


  1. Pull your car into a shaded area or one that won’t receive constant direct sunlight.
  2. Pre-rinse the entire vehicle with water including the wheels and tires.
  3. Have your two buckets ready; one with soapy (PH balanced) water for cleaning, and the other with just water for rinsing.
  4. Using a clean soft wash mitt, dip the mitt in the soapy bucket and wash the vehicle from the top down. The important note here is that you do not want to bring dirt from the lower portion of the vehicle to the other paint surfaces of the vehicle, causing scratching. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the mitt in the clean water bucket after washing each panel. This will eliminate cross-contamination.
  5. After cleaning the entire vehicle, rinse the soap off with fresh water.
  6. To dry the vehicle, use a soft microfiber towel. The water will come off easily so aggressive rubbing is not necessary. Leaf blowers and Air guns make a great alternative for easy drying as well.

Congratulations on your brand-new Ceramic Coating Cleveland! We know you’re going to absolutely love the benefits of living with & driving a vehicle coated in Ceramic Pro. We want to ensure your coating lasts as long as possible, so we put together a comprehensive ‘How To’ covering all the proper after-care and washing practices. Proper care can greatly extend your coating and keep your investment in tip-top shape for years to come.

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After picking up your vehicle there is a two-week curing period for the coating to fully bond and harden. You are safe to drive your vehicle during this time, and it is completely safe for the coating to get dust, dirt, rain, or other light contaminants on it. However, there are some common items that can damage your coating at this time which are highlighted and explained below.


Washing your vehicle during this time frame breaks the one rule we tell all of our clients; absolutely no touching or rubbing the coating during its curing period. Rubbing the uncured coating can create small abrasions, scratches, and swirls that can leave permanent markings on the coating. Removing said markings is costly and not covered by a warranty


Due to the acids present, bird droppings and tree sap can stain or damage your coating during its two-week cure period. Removing them is not an emergency, but they should be removed as soon as you notice it. To remove, simply spray the with filtered water to remove the bulk, and any remaining excess can be lightly removed with a micro-fiber towel (do not use a kitchen, bath, or beach towel). Long story short – avoid parking under trees during this time frame.


While the coating will protect your clear coat from water spots, there is a possibility of etching if hard water is left to sit and dry on the coating while curing. We advise parking away from sprinklers and avoiding using unfiltered water on the coating during the curing period.


Following the two-week curing period you are free to wash your vehicle (and look at its hydrophobic effect). There are, however, some common misconceptions about washing vehicles that we highlight for all of our clients. Not every wash is the same and some will cause damage unless avoided – below are the washing techniques to use and avoid for your coated vehicle.


Never, ever, ever put your coated vehicle through an automatic wash that has brushes! The brushes used can go months without proper cleaning, and it’s extremely common for rocks, tar, and debris to get stuck in the bristles. This can cause major damage to your coating which is not covered under Ceramic Pro’s warranty. Avoid these at all costs!


While it may seem like a courtesy, these washes are common causes of damage we see on coatings. Dealers will oftentimes use automatic washes, unnecessarily abrasive chemicals, and improper washing techniques for these washes. While efficient, it is not the proper way to wash a coated vehicle and can lead to damage.

If you need to take your vehicle to the dealership, we advise hanging the ‘Do Not Wash Vehicle’ tag on your rearview mirror. If your car is accidentally washed in a mix-up (we’ve seen it happen) the dealer will be liable for the cost to repair the damages.


These are a great, efficient option to keep your car in sparkling shape year-round. Since they use only high-powered water you’ll never run the risk of damaging your coating. Plus they’ll clean twice as well now since dirt/dust doesn’t bond to the coating and will easily wash off.


While not as efficient as an automatic wash, we love ourselves a good hand wash, and it still remains the best method to fully clean your vehicle. There are however some differences between the correct Two Bucket Method most professional detailers use, and the usual hand wash you may have learned growing up.

As the name suggests, you’re going to need two 5-gallon buckets for this method. One for soapy water used to wash the vehicle, the other for rinsing off your sponge/microfiber between panels. While this concept seems too simple to be effective, this is the best way you can prevent scratching your vehicle, as most occur during the washing process.

You’ll also want to use a PH Balanced soap for your washes, as traditional car soap is highly acidic and unnecessarily rough on your coating. PH Balanced soaps can be found online, in most auto parts stores, and we carry our favorites right here at our Oakwood location.

The key to maximizing the benefits of your newly applied Ceramic Pro coating in Cleveland lies in a careful two-week curing period. During this time, avoiding certain elements such as automatic washes with brushes and dealership courtesy washes is crucial. Post-curing, the article offers valuable insights into proper washing techniques, emphasizing the avoidance of damaging practices and endorsing touchless or Two Bucket Hand Wash methods. 

These tips from Ceramic Pro Cleveland serve as a guide to ensure the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your Ceramic Pro-coated vehicle as you traverse the streets of Cleveland. For any inquiries or assistance,  Call Us, for an enduring and stylish Ceramic Coating Cleveland experience.